The Yoga

Yoga is life. Being alive and feeling alive are two very different things. Yoga can help you

make the most out of everything, whilst putting you in touch with yourself and bringing you closer to the surrounding people. Yoga triggers your attention, an attention of kindness and patience to fully explore and feel what is now. 

Yoga is not the promised land or a process of achieving some esoteric goal beyond the norm. It is about facing the truth that reveals itself from moment to moment. Yoga can be used as a practical tool; it brings balance to our lives, so the process of

responsibility and self-determination becomes easier, which in turn enables us to realize our true selves.

Loriën teaches a different range of yoga styles but

always with the focus on safety and fun. My aim is to invite people to get a deeper connection with their bodies and feel at the very moment what movement is right for them. Mostly the class is a dynamic hatha class with a wide variety of asanas, gentle sun salutations and breathing techniques. My approach is more somatic and not very rigid

There is awareness around the alignment of the body with respect towards each individual. Also, are there props and cushions available for extra support. 

Classes start around the beginning of july at the Medusa Resort. Also is there the possibilty to book a private session upon request. I bring mats and props with me.


My teachings can vary from Sun Salutations and standing asanas to groundwork and sensing the organs, connective tissue and fluids. The initiation of the movement may vary from time to time. I apply alignment where and when needed. And, I can only be an example and give guidance here.  The intensity level of the class can vary from a more gentle and slow class to a more fast and challenging one. With safety as the number one priority


Katerina has conducted successful yoga sessions with Coco-Mat Hotel in Athens as well as offering Yoga lessons for the Women in the Greek Maritime Shipping Industry, and she is a mother of 4 children.

A Hatha Yoga Lesson with some Vinyasa Flow combining strength and relaxation. A gentle class focusing on flowing from pose to pose and linking the movement with the breath.  Let's enjoy savasana under the Greek sky at the beautiful Island of Naxos.
Looking forward to seeing you on the mat !


What began as an exotic sporting activity, unfolded over the years as a compass to reach awareness, mindfulness and balance within.

Blessed to be surrounded by the beauty and mysticism powers of the Cyclades, expect my classes to be powerful and dynamic, mixed with moments of relaxation and bliss. During my lessons, safety comes first. Fun and precise alignment of the asanas are our goal.