workshops 2023


Somatic Yoga Workshop @ 

Bluebirds Oost

Louise Wentstraat 186

Amsterdam, NL

Friday 22 September| 14.30-17.30

Sunday 24 September| 15.00-18.00

In this workshop, we will get to know our own bodies better through play and exploration. Based on the principals of BMC and Sensit Yoga.

A journey through the body!

While practicing yoga, I always found it difficult to understand the anatomy of the body and its functions. It was hard to learn all the difficult words by heart and the position of each and every organ, cell, or bone.

By embodying individual body systems, we gain in-depth knowledge about their functioning and apply it immediately in real practice. Through visualization and attention, we change the whole body awareness.

By initiating from the muscles, the skeleton, the fluids, and the organs, we facilitate our movement and whole-body awareness.

In these two days, we will take a closer look at the

SKELETAL SYSTEM: lower limbs, upper limbs, and axial skeleton.

The ORGAN SYSTEM: lungs, heart and intestines


Cellular, extracellular fluid, blood, and synovial fluid

The workshop is a combination of exploration through movement and touch. The theory that I will present will help you get a better picture of the body and its structure and physiology. I will transmit the matter in an accessible way that is easy to understand and apply. It is about becoming curious, childlike, and innocent, so you can let the body reveal the knowledge it was born with.

It is literally like walking through a children’s anatomy book. Maybe one of the greatest adventures you have experienced!

Price for all 2 days: 80 euros

one class: 45 euro

Info and reservations: +306985814491

Interweaving Yoga and music

Hatha Yoga and meditative music/healing sounds

have a lot in common and can support each other. They both calm the mind as they open channels for an inward journey.

Interweaving Pranayama, working with our voice and chanting, deepens our breath and gives a subtle kind of massage through vibration.  The beauty of many voices singing together, creates an instant feeling of peace and harmony within ourselves and the group of people around us, as we tune into each other.  Mantras and bhajans have their origin in the philosophy of bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion. They invite the divine qualities into our life.

Meditative music played during asanas, slows down the pace. It creates a natural flow that invites us to stay longer in a yoga pose.  Expressing yourself through physical movement can help to liberate your inner feelings and longings.

During sequences with more rhythmic patterns of exercises, rhythm cycles support the understanding of different dynamics.

Pure sound of a quality rich in overtones, fills our cells with energy while it soothes the mind, invoking a meditative state.

Yoga movements and positions help us to stay fluid and aware of our bodies as we absorb the vibration of music.

The program will close with a meditative sound journey.

Monika is a musician based in Naxos

Music as Meditation

The concept of "Music as Meditation" is based on the idea of creating a safe space, which supports the meditative aspects of music and pure sound.  Meditation and healing are interrelated. Through deep relaxation, we gain access to our subconscious.  Old memories may surface and pass, blockages may be released.  As we perceive the music in a dreamlike state, we travel through soundscapes and inner landscapes that connect us to our centre.  Different kinds of vibration affect different parts in us.  As everything is vibration, it helps us to reconnect with ourselves and the surrounding nature.

Our music is a blend of eastern sounds, rooted in sacred Greek, Turkish Sufi and Indian traditional music, of mostly improvisational character.  Our instruments consist of string instruments as the Turkish saz, the Greek lafta, lyra and tambouras as well as wind instruments as the Indian bansuri and the Turkish ney.  One part is of a more percussive nature, introducing the shamanic element with frame drums and various small percussion instruments.  Voice and mantras, singing bowls and bells are interwoven throughout the musical journey.