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                       The Yoga Team 


My teachings can vary from Sun Salutations and standing asanas to groundwork and sensing the organs, connective tissue and fluids. The initiation of the movement may vary from time to time. I apply alignment where and when needed. And, I can only be an example and give guidance here.  The intensity level of the class can vary from a more gentle and slow class to a more fast and challenging one. With safety as the number one priority


What began as an exotic sporting activity, unfolded over the years as a compass to reach awareness, mindfulness and balance within.

Blessed to be surrounded by the beauty and mysticism powers of the Cyclades expect my classes to be powerful and dynamic, mixed with moments of relaxation and bliss. During my lessons, safety comes first. Fun and precise alignment of the asanas are our goal.  


Katerina has conducted successful yoga sessions with Coco-Mat Hotel at Athens as well as offering Yoga lessons for the Women in the Greek Maritime Shipping Industry and she is a mother of 4 children.

A Hatha Yoga Lesson with some Vinyasa Flow combining strength and relaxation. A gentle class focusing on flowing from pose to pose and linking the movement with the breath.  Lets enjoy savasana under the greek sky at the beautiful Naxos Island.
Looking forward to seeing you on the mat !

"And we are all connected to each other in a circle in a hoop that never ends." From colors of the wind.

Private sessions and private group sessions can be arranged upon request.

Yoga is life

Being alive and feeling alive are two very different things. Yoga can help you make the most of everything you do in life,  whilst putting you in touch with yourself and bringing you closer to the surrounding people. Yoga triggers your attention, an attention of kindness and patience to fully explore and feel what is now.

Yoga is not the Promised Land or a process of achieving  some esoteric goal beyond the norm.  It is about facing the truth that reveals itself from moment to moment and accepting what is.  We can use yoga as a practical tool to equip and help ourselves achieve this; it brings balance to our lives, so the process of responsibility and self-determination becomes easier, which in turn enables us to realize our true selves

The asana's (yoga poses), movement and breathing techniques we practice in yoga give us back our energy and an overall sense of aliveness.  Yoga clears the mind and brings focus.  Through practice, we feel our bodies more open and strong.  After a yoga class you will feel that there is more space for life, people and emotions.  There is more flow and as a result the act of living and being is more harmonious and so you connect with the world around you in a more authentic way.

Pay the right attention

Yoga can help you with your capacity to pay attention without judgment or pushing things away.  We can stay with and look at what is.  Yoga gives you this safe space, "and when the moment is ready", to fully be yourself and accept everything that comes up in that very moment.  Being gentle with oneself, listening with care and letting the heart area and breathe become tranquil, we can let everything be.   This brings a deep profound love towards ourselves, the people around us and the world.  This is the sweetness, the yoga of surrendering.

In yoga, we stay connected to the earth under our feet and body. The form speaks to us and will lead us into the poses. 

Here is a piece from a quote from the Bhagavad Gita:

"In the midst of action is inaction and in the midst of inaction is action." This is yoga.

My approach to teaching

A gentle and safe, yet challenging style; Usually I start the class with some light movements of the body, so we become more comfortable with ourselves and the surrounding environment. We sense the earth underneath and our body in relation to the surrounding space. We perceive the body from the inside and feel how the form comes to life through movement and breathe.


In my classes I invite the people to feel and sense their bodies and with that inner wisdom lead them through a series of asanas and movements.  The needs of each individual is considered, allowing the students to modify particular poses under my guidance with their own exploration.  I work with functional movement and the support of gravity and the surrounding space.  I apply alignment where and when needed.  I can only be an example and give guidance here.  The intensity level of the class can vary from a more gentle and slow class to a more fast and challenging one. With safety as the number one priority.


Yoga props can help us with our postures.  In my classes I share cushions to sit on, blocks and a strap to help with the adjustments.

There is room for breathing (pranayama).  We can explore our breathing pattern and come more in contact with it.  While doing the asanas we can synchronize the movement with the breath (vinyasa) or we can find a deeper and slower breathe when we are surrendering and finding self acceptance in janu sirsasana (head to knee pose).  There is also time left for savasana where the body becomes less a source of distraction, here the breath can become very subtle and total relaxation is achievable.

Yoga gives you back your life energy and sense of overall well-being.  There are so many benefits you can gain by practising yoga that there isn't enough space here to mention them.  The vastness of yoga cannot merely be expressed by words...

I would say: "come and try for yourself!"

There are many paths that can lead one or contribute to a more fulfilling life and I believe Yoga is certainly one of them!

Schedule 2021: 



Medusa Resort

Monday 9.00-10.15 a.m 

Tuesday 9.00-10.15 a.m

Wednesday 9.00-10.15 a.m





Thursday 9.00-10.15 a.m

Friday 9.00-10.15


Saturday 18.00-19.15 p.m 





Sunday 18.00-19.15 p.m 


Price per class

15 Euros

Mats and props provided 

The classes at the Medusa Resort are scheduled from May 20 until September 30, 2021


If you are by car, you can drive towards Orkos/Mikri Vigla. When you come on the dirt road, after two hundred meters there is the sign Medusa Resort and Beach here you turn right.

By bus:

You take the bus until Plaza beach hotel and then it's a 10 min walk along the beach towards the end of Plaka. On your left hand you will see Earth bar and a big garden. Here you enter the garden.